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lørdag den 7. november 2015

Things 23: Making It All Work Together

Going through alle 23 Things has been a very interesting and rewarding journey. 

I have worked through things I already knew of and use regularly, LinkedIn or presentation tools, and I have had a look at things that I only knew about in theory, podcasting or video. It has left me with a wish to use more of these tools both privately and at work to stay up to date - but it's so time consuming! It would only be realistic to spend more time on the tools if using them had a real purpose and I would gain quite a lot of benefit from using them. Come time come opportunity, I'm sure.

For one thing I'll definitely keep Buffer in mind and check it out for when this course is over and I plan to become much more active on LinkedIn and on my professional blog. All the interesting and inspiring things that I find today are kept in a mess of browser bookmarks, pins on pinterests and even emails to myself with links! I'm sure it can be done a little smarter :-)

Flipboard was my choice of curation tool in Thing 8 and didn't go too well technically, so I've given it another try. It sounded appealling that I can follow my social accounts in one place - I tend to forget to check them all out on a regular basis. And it works! There's quite a lot of clicking and scrolling even to read tweets - but that may just be my miniature iPhone 4 screen! Anyway, thanks for pointing out that feature. As I flip my way through the feed I'll get to know the app better and I might end up having a new favourite.

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